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Gilbert Millan Jr.

Tel: 956.488.8728
Fax: 956.716.8899
5332 E. Highway 83, Ste. C
Rio Grande City, Texas 78582

Mission Statement
The mission of the Rio Grande City Code Enforcement Department is to provide an orderly, safe and pleasant environment for businesses and families to prosper.
Generally, the department has broad authority to regulate commercial and residential developments, lots, buildings and public nuisances.  Specifically, the department may:
  1. Model Subdivision Regulations:  Review commercial and residential subdivisions within city limits and the five mile Extra-Territorial Jurisdiction (ETJ); coordinate subdivision review meetings with 
    municipal departments, private utilities and developers; inspect subdivisions for compliance.
  2. Certificates of Appropriateness:  Support Historic Preservation Commission's efforts to preserve historic facades and construction 
    of new buildings in Downtown Historic District as stipulated in the 
  3. Park Land Dedication:  Coordinate subdivision presentations at Park, 
    Arts and Recreation Commission meetings; administer and collect park 
    fees for commercial and residential property.
  4. Building Inspections:  Inspect residential and commercial buildings ensuring plumbing, electrical, rebar and mechanical plans are in compliance with International Code Council.
  5. Certificate of Compliance Permits:  Issue building electrical permit for residential and commercial properties within municipal limits.
  6.  Animal Control & City Kennel
  7. Junked, Wrecked and Abandoned Property:  Enforce abandoned property ordinances (eg, autos) along City public streets and alleys and within private property.
  8. Weedy Lots:  Ensure residential and commercial lots are not overgrown and creating public nuisance.
  9. Illegal Dumping:  Investigate illegal solid waste sites by obtaining evidence and issuing citations.
  10. Street Vendors:  Administer Street Vendor Ordinance by issuing proper permits and citations for illegal vendors.
  11. Sewer Nuisances:  Act on raw sewage nuisances by educating the public and citing offenders.
  12. 911 Addressing: Administers and issues 911 principal addressing with city limits and submits in the 911 database. 
Subdivision Developments:  Subdivision developers, business owners and families must work with the city in order to obtain subdivision reviews, building permits and other municipal services.  Forms and other relevant documents for these services may be found on the Forms section of this site.  New homeowners who have disputes with their construction company may contact the Texas Residential Construction Commission to obtain information on their rights and dispute resolution information.
Applications and Forms: All applications and forms must be submitted to the planning department.  
 Environmental Complaints:  The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality is charged with protecting the natural environment for Texans.  
In general, TCEQ can help if you: 
  •    see water that may be polluted
  •    see or smell something unpleasant in the air
  •    see land that may be contaminated
  •    have problems with your drinking water
  •    have information or evidence about an environmental problem
You may obtain more information or report an environmental complaint by contacting theTCEQ.